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Camilla Watson

Principal CORLIGHT™ Programmes.

Counselling, Stress Management, Life Coach, Behavioural Specialist. With a background as a Business Analyst and a Corporate Trainer, and with a Diploma in Social Services - Counselling, Camilla now has twenty-five years experience as a counsellor, trainer and life coach. She specialises in stress management and relationships, and provides life-changing healing strategies for anxiety and depression and other challenges. As a professional speaker and contributor to several publications she is able to reach people all over New Zealand with her life changing strategies.

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1 Monday night - On 3 December from 7-9pm

By creating a Vision Board you are one step closer to manifesting your dreams. And if you are not sure yet , there will be exercises, meditation and visualisation to help you with this too. Remember; Energy follows thought - thought is creative.

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1 Monday night - On 5 November from 7-9pm

Whether you want to improve your friendships; are in a committed romantic relationship and loving it; or still looking; or sick of finding only frogs; or if the only relationship you want right now is a healthy one with yourself; this workshop will enable you to see things clearly and learn to identify fulfilling choices.

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Overcoming Anxiety, Stress & Depression
1 Monday night - On 13 August from 7-9pm

Depression, panic, sleep disorders, overwhelming anger and sadness, anxiety, disorders or addictions, are all symptoms of the mind trying to process information. Learn how the body responds to these and how to reduce or eliminate symptoms with this one seminar. Great healing is possible.

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